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Tropic Wings Cairns Tours

CourtesyTourism and Events Queensland


Cairns Aquarium

CourtesyTourism and Events Queensland

This is part of Queensland’s Government tourism information agency. They have this information about some of the fantastic things in the region; see: what’s on offer in Cairns and on the Great Barrier Reef

Thinking of hanging around for the weekend after the conference? 


Well, we asked some locals to recommend some ‘must do’ activities in Cairns .


Jon says;” This is my favourite. Easy to organise, a bus trip as well”

Mossman Gorge Tours and Guided Dreamtime Walks

 A"must do" for every visitor to Mossman Gorge are the Ngadiku Dreamtime Walks, conducted by the local Indigenous people. This Mossman Gorge tour takes visitors on a guided walk along private, gentle tracks, visiting special places and culturally significant sites, past traditional bark shelters and over meandering cool rainforest streams. 

Jill Says: “There are so many beautiful places to go it is hard to pick just one or two but because my favourite thing is to hang out in the rainforest and swim in the local creeks that I grew up around, my recommendation would be to head to the beautiful Din Din falls in Kuranda via the Kuranda rail and Skyrail; take a trip north to stunning Mossman Gorge or south to the crystal green waters of Babinda Boulders; or for something closer to home, take a dip under the cool waterfalls of Crystal Cascades. When visiting all of these places you can learn a lot about the traditional custodians of these lands and waters and the many stories that bring the history of these places to life.”


Cairns ZOOM and Wildlife Dome

CourtesyTourism and Events Queensland



CourtesyTourism and Events Queensland


Cairns canyoining

CourtesyTourism and Events Queensland


CourtesyTourism and Events Queensland


Billy Tea Safaris

CourtesyTourism and Events Queensland


Cairns Esplanade Lagoon

CourtesyTourism and Events Queensland

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