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* Note: This conference is not open to the general public or the media (except by invitation to specific sessions).


If your organisation is new to the FCA conference space, please contact FCA to see if you can attend. Unsure? Please email us.


Please note, FCA reserves the right to reject registrations and will refund          

registration amounts paid.


  • To see the prices, click on the buttons above. Please note, prices do not include GST. 

  • Payment terms: 7 days (please do your best) 

  • Registered but can’t come? You can change the name of the person coming without charge up until seven days before. 

  • Registered and need a refund? We will happily refund cancelled registrations until May 1, 2025. We will charge a $50 admin fee to cover admin costs. Note that your accommodation is totally separate, and you need to contact Ozaccom to cancel.

  • No-shows? If you’ve registered, we will be expecting you and have paid the venue, so we reserve the right to charge at the late payment rate.

  • Are you registered twice? If you’ve registered twice, we reserve the right to charge you 50% for the second booking.

  • If you attend without having fully paid, we’ll cheerfully welcome you but will require payment by credit or debit card on the day. ​

Contact FCA at 

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