Have you got something you want to share? Are you interested in developing your public speaking skills with the help of a highly experienced mentor? 


We’d like to invite you to apply to do a spot talk at the 2022 FCA conference. What makes a good application? Watch this recording of our information evening to find out. 

What is a SPOT talk?

An FCA SPOT talk is typically a 7 to 9-minute talk on our conference stage. We’re looking for seven brave speakers to be professionally mentored to deliver their talks to a packed conference audience. 


But …you can’t use notes, you can’t use slides.  It’s just you, a hand-held mic and a spotlight. We film and edit the talks, and you can share your talk afterwards to amplify your reach. 

Application process 

Applications will be open between Jan 20th and Feb 25th.  Our speaker mentor might come back and offer suggestions for you to explore and resubmit before he decides which people to take to the next stage. So please respond thoughtfully and promptly if you are keen to do a talk. We'll let you know if you are successful by March 4th.


Your stories can be about anything you’re passionate about. The best SPOT talks come from a place of deep passion. So, what are you passionate about? Write down your passion(s), link it to the theme and read the instructions on each question. If you have multiple ideas, you can submit a couple of pitches, one per form.

What we’ll ask of you

First up, you will need to cover all your costs to get to the FCA conference in Cairns. 


You will need to be at the conference on day 2, Thursday, May, 9 am to 10.30 am (and on Monday for a rehearsal)


You need to put in at least 20 hours of work over the next few months. You’ll work with our professional mentor in group and one-on-one sessions to refine your ideas and words multiple times. By the end, you’ll know each word intimately and be able to tell your story without notes. (Yes, you’ll have to practise). 


Find out more in this information pack.