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This invitation-only, full-day event is a forum for First Nation workers and those working predominantly with First Nations clients. 



Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.



8.30 am to 5.00  pm.

The First Nations steering group organises the forum. The steering group sets the agenda and runs this great day.

What does it cost?

There is no charge to you - but please let us know if you can’t make it (so we don't waste our precious funding).


You will be asked to fill out your accommodation needs when applying for sponsorship. FCA will book accommodation for sponsored delegates.

If you are not sponsored, you will need to book your own accommodation. See our ‘your stay' page.



Who pays for flights?

First Nations Network members will need to book and pay for their flights. There are maximum subsidy limits depending on where you are coming from, so book your flight early to get a good deal. 

​(Please be mindful of costs when choosing your flight, so the pot of money covers the group)

Thanks for helping.

Tip: Book flights ASAP as they tend to get more expensive each week that passes.

How do I get sponsorship?

Sponsorship is available for one member of the National First Nations network per agency. The sponsorship assists with the travel and accommodation cost only. You pay for the conference yourself. Here is the application form, which also has details of eligibility. 

Please apply quickly to avoid disappointment.

Please, note that there is no other FCA funding to attend the conference. We only get limited government funding for the First Nations Forum. 

Who can come?

The forum is for: 

  • All First Nations financial counsellors/capability workers

  • Non-Indigenous financial counsellors and financial capability workers who work predominantly with First Nations people and communities 

  • Those who are members of the National First Nations Network. 

​We encourage all First Nations financial counsellors and capability workers to attend. 

If you’re not eligible for sponsorship?

We hope your agency will pay for you to attend the conference. It's valuable for you to be there.


There’s still no cost for the First Nations Forum, as FCA covers the costs. 

If you work in this space and want to be in the First Nations Network, please chat with Lynda Edwards. Email Lynda or call on
0447 776 418.

Know someone who should come, but isn’t in the loop?

Please pass on this information and suggest they give Lynda a call at
0447 776 418. Over the years, we’ve had some very grateful people join up who had no connection or support from the First Nations Network until then.

Can non-Indigenous workers come?

The forum is for First Nations financial counsellors  and capability workers or financial counsellors and capability workers who work predominantly with First Nations clients.

​This is not a workshop for people who'd like to know more about working with First Nations clients, but are not yet working in this space. 


If this is you, or you are uncertain about whether you are invited to attend, please contact Lynda.

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