• To see the prices, click on the blue/green buttons (above). Pls don't register just to see the prices as we're then charged by the registration site (and we'll record this as an actual booking).

  • Payment terms: 7 days (please do your best). 

  • Registered but can’t come? You can change the name of the person coming without charge up until 7 days before. Send a colleague or gift it to someone else (if you don't know of anyone, we always have a few very grateful financial counsellors who otherwise couldn’t come). 

  • If you're sick, stay away  ... We won't grill you if you're sick nor require any medical certificates. Err on the side of caution and don't come! (but you need to let us know before the conference for a refund. Well have paid the venue but we'll try gift the registration to a local.

  • If the conference is cancelled or a covid event happens (or you get a sniffle) ... we will refund your registration.

  • Registered, and need a refund? We try to be nice. We will happily refund registrations cancelled up to 3rd of May 2021, less a $50 admin fee. Why? We’ve already paid the registration company, done a heap of work behind the scenes, and refunds are manually done. Note, your accomodation is totally separate, and you need to contact whoever you booked through to work out if you have a cancellable booking. 

  • No shows? If you’ve registered, we will be expecting you … even if there is a a balance outstanding on your invoice (or you haven’t paid at all). We will have paid the hotel for your seat in the room. So we reserve the right to charge you or your agencies at the late payment rate, if you have registered but not paid us. We send out reminders. Please be considerate.

  • Registered twice? If you’ve registered twice, we reserve the right to charge you 50% for the second booking, as we’ve paid the hotel for you twice. So please be careful if you leave one workplace, and move to another.

  • If you attend without having registered, or fully paid … we’ll cheerfully welcome you (and manually provide you a name tag) but we will require payment by credit card on the day. Note our system charges $100 extra for late bookings to reflect all the manual work.

Contact FCA at (if you prefer us to call you back, leave your phone number)