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We need your face.


Portrait photographic exhibition at the FCA Conference in Darwin


We need your face. Yes, we know that sounds unusual, but we always do something fun, meaningful, creative (and disproportionally time-consuming) for the FCA conference. 


This year we’re having a photographic exhibition called ‘Portrait of a Financial Counsellor’, but it also includes financial capability workers of course. We want to tell stories about our sector to show where you work and capture the look and feel of our diversity. Will you consider being involved? 


Are you a financial counsellor who see clients under a tree in a remote area, or in areas impacted by floods or bushfires?   


Perhaps you see clients in a city office, a court, a university, a call center setting, or just working from a corner of your bedroom?  


Every one of you is unique in where and how you work. Our ordinary is different from corporate and government ordinary. Our ordinary tells a special story. Our faces tell a special story. 


Our conference venue has its very own little gallery. 

What does it involve?

(and yes, you can dob in a mate but run it past them) 


There are two parts. We’re looking for:  


  • Portrait subjects: we’re looking for financial counsellors or capability workers (or even managers) who would be open to being photographed in your working environment. We’re not looking for glamorous models. We’re real people, sometimes with stressed faces. We want to show our sector at work, authentically and candidly.  

  • Photographers, professional or budding: We’re also looking for budding photographers who might be willing to donate some of your time to make this happen (and potentially win a prize). Or maybe you know a professional photographer, and we will pay them something because that is their livelihood (we have some sponsorship) 


We will have an esteemed committee judging the prizes. The People's Choice is up to you all. 

  • First prize: $500 for the photographer & and a free 2022 FCA conference registration for the portait subject valued at $480 (includes the conference dinner). And the glory. 

  • Runner up: $300 for the photographer & and a free 2022 FCA conference registration for the portait subject  valued at $480 (includes the conference dinner). And the glory. 

  • People’s choice: $300 for the photographer & and a free 2022 FCA conference registration for the portait subject.. Lots of glory. 

We'll be using a mix of professional photographers, amateur folk and mobile phone creations.  

I'm interested. What do I do next? 

Take a photo of you and your financial counselling location to give us an idea of what your world looks like. You might need someone else to take your photo if you’re the subject of the portrait as selfies rarely capture our best angles! Then fill out our online form, upload the pic(s) and we’ll be in touch. 


Small print 

ANZ and DSS are sponsors for this event. If the images are Archibald quality, they might want to use the image, but we’ll definitely come back to you and ask for your consent. Realistically, the most likely use of the portrait after the conference will be a special gift for your kids or your mum! (but you never know). FCA will require all photographers to grant FCA a license to use the photos ... we'll have a conference facebook page, show the portraits at the conference in various ways, and do other creative things. By entering, you agree to allow us to use the images to do good and raise the profile of our wonderful sector at the conference and post conference. 

See you at the conference opening of ‘Portrait of a Financial Counsellor’ at the Welcome Drinks event on Tuesday evening 18th May in Darwin. 

If you want to be involved or can help in any way, click to register your interest and we’ll be in touch.  



ASAP. As soon as we have expressions of interest, we'll start the ball rolling, and stop when we have a bunch of great portraits. Later contributions may be used in a slide show in the gallery and may not be printed (but that will be awesome too).



Contact James or Lauren at 

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