9.00 am

FCA SPOT talks

The Power. The Passion. 


“Oh, oh the power and the passion, oh the temper of the time, Oh the power and the passion, Sometimes you’ve got to take the hardest line"... ending with ‘It’s better to die on your feet than to live on your knees’. Midnight Oil, The Power and the Passion.


We put out the call for your pitches to deliver a  SPOT talk. Seven brave people were selected and are spending many hours honing their talks with speaker mentor Jon Yeo (TEDx Melb). This lively session is always a conference highlight.


Thanks to our sponsor Credit Corp.

10.15 am

Climate Crunchtime


Dr Matt Bell,

Managing Partner of EY's Climate Change and Sustainability Practice


Everyone is talking about climate change. For some sectors like solar power and electric car manufacturers there are actually opportunities, but what does it mean for the people we help who are already stretched? How can we all contribute both in our workplaces, but also in our daily lives? Do we need to give up eating hamburgers? 


Dr Matt Bell will deliver the keynote, followed by a panel discussion.

11.00 am | Morning Tea

11.30 am

Bite size cruching

Short and Sharp: life moves fast. We hear from three speakers.


ANZ's new Money Minded. 'The brick' is being retired. Informed by new research, ANZ are applying what they have learnt about what makes people tick (and spend) and have made wholesale changes. The approach is individualised, with new digital content


Michelle Commandeur, ANZ 


Bite size cruching continued


National Debt Helpline website

Quick tour of new useful resources 


Gambling regulator meet and greet


We've never met a gambling regulator. The NT Gambling Commission is Darwin based, and is the most important state gambling regulator as most of the online gambling companies are licensed in the NT. We now have an Online Gambling Consumer Protection framework, so you need to know what to do when you see issues.

12.00 noon

Taking the Pulse

With live polling, we're taking the pulse of the sector. There will be three quick surveys, each with three questions. Turn on your mobile phone.


The first Taking the Pulse audience poll is about wages. What else should we ask 500+ delegates? Results will be live and unfiltered.

12.30 pm | Lunch

7.00 am to 7.50 am: Rise and Shine Yoga (beginners welcome. You just need to be able to breathe)

1.30 pm

Concurrent Sessions

10 choices. So many good ones. How will you choose? 

3.00 pm

First Nations update: Closing the (financial) gap

Senator Malarndirri McCarthy

Each year we hear directly from our colleagues who work in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. This year, we've invited Senator Malarndirri McCarthy to share her story and explain why closing the financial gap is a priority. 


The 'closing the gap' strategy was supposed to be the blueprint for improving lives of our First Nations peoples. But there was no mention of household financial capacity.


Chaired by Lynda Edwards (FCA).

3.30 pm

Canberra calls

Minister Anne Ruston

Minister for Families and Social Services Anne Ruston is 'our minister'. DSS funds financial counsellors, financial capability workers and FCA so she's really important. The Minister is travelling 6,064 km to speak to us so we're really keen to hear what she has to say.

3.45 pm

Final keynote

Watch this space as we always end with a wonderful keynote.

4.15 pm

Conference close

The formalities are over. Thank you for coming. Please join us at Mindil Beach market to watch the famous sunset, with a glass of wine and dinner from one of the many stalls. This is what Darwinites do!