Program  | DAY 1, WEDNESDAY

8.45 am (new time)

Welcome to Country

“You have come by way of the Larrakia Land. You will hear the voice of Larrakia ancestors. When you leave, the Larrakia message will stay with you.”


(The late Rev. Walter Fejo.)


The Larrakia people are the traditional owners of the lands in the Darwin region. They welcome us to their beautiful land, sea and country.

Welcome to Conference

David Tennant and Carmel Franklin

9.10 am

Canberra welcome: Hon. Minister Anne Ruston

The Hon, Minister Anne Ruston, is 'our minister’ as the Minister for Families and Social Services. DSS funds financial counsellors, capability workers. The Minister is travelling 6,064 km to speak to us. We’re grateful for her commitment to our sector and support for our work.

NT Welcome and conference opening

Her Honour the Honourable
Vicki O’Halloran AO


Welcome to Darwin and the conference by Her Honour the Honourable Vicki O’Halloran AO, Administrator of the NT. Her Honour was formerly CEO of Somerville Community Services runs the National Debt Helpline in the NT, among other services.

Right: Aboriginal art

Tourism NT/Felix Bake

9.30 am

Big Crunch Idea: A better fairer new normal


Prof. Ross Garnaut

Economist Prof. Garnaut is well known for the Garnaut Climate Change Review but this keynote explores his big ideas for a universal basic wage and reform of social security and income tax. Hear how it will result in a better, fairer new normal

We always start the conference, thinking big.


10.00 am

A walk out of the big smoke onto country


We’re in the NT. It’s our opportunity to hear the stories of financial counsellors and capability workers who work on a daily basis in Indigenous communities. It is our opportunity to listen.

10.45 am

FCA Update—A New Era for Financial Counselling

Fiona Guthrie, CEO

It's so good to be meeting in person. So much has changed.


Join FCA's CEO Fiona Guthrie for reflections on what has changed and what lies ahead. 

11.00 am | Morning Tea

7.00 am to 7.50 am: Rise and Shine Yoga (beginners welcome. You just need to be able to breathe)

Bite size crunching continued


Gambling regulator meet and greet 

ACMA, Fiona Cameron

NT Racing Commission (tbc)


We've never met a gambling regulator. This year we'll meet two. The NT Gambling Commission is Darwin based, and is the most important state gambling regulator as most of the online gambling companies are licensed in the NT.


ACMA is a federal regulator for  telco consumer issues and some aspects of online gambling including the illegal offshore online casinos and the prohibition on credit betting.


We now have an Online Gambling Consumer Protection framework, so you need to know what to do when you see issues.

11.30 am

Want to steal financial data? There’s an app for that 

Speaker: Kathy Sundstrom, IDcare

& Ed Tawil, ANZ 

Since  COVID-19, ’everything is online’ and there has been an upswing in cyber criminal events and scams using stolen data. A driver’s license number may be stolen or someone gets remote access to your client’s computer. Then, an unauthorised loan account is set up in their client’s name and the debt collector calls. Or super is stolen.

What can a financial counsellor do to fix up the mess? Who can you call for help? Can banks help? (yes they can)  Which regulators take complaints? Learn the proactive steps that can prevent bad things happening. 

12.10 pm

Gambling regulators meet

and greet

Chair: Lauren Levin


Fiona Cameron, Australian Communications and Media Authority

Alistair Shields, Chair

NT Racing Commission 

We've never met a gambling regulator before. Online gambling increased dramatically during covid.


So it is more important than ever to know how gambling is regulated in Australia, and what sort of complaints you can make to keep the industry operating within the law (and possibly help your clients get their money back).


12.45 pm

Helping survivors of institutional child abuse get redress payments

Linda Burnett, Financial Counsellor, Knowmore

As a society we are obligated to help survivors of institutional child sex abuse. Many are entitled to receive redress payments, however care must be taken to prevent elder abuse and understand how these payments are treated by Centrelink, the ATO and in bankruptcy. Knowmore knows everything there is to know about redress. Hear how this free, specialist legal service can help you, help your clients.


1.00 pm | Lunch

2.00 pm

Concurrent Sessions

Lots of sessions to choose from.


3.30 pm | Afternoon Tea

4.00 pm

Hard Crunch: fintechs, buy now pay later and the changing face of the financial services market

Chair: James Sleep, FCA

Sean Hughes, ASIC Commissioner

Dianne Tate, AFIA CEO (tbc)

Buy now pay later services are ubiquitous and are changing how people spend money and manage their money. But approaches to financial hardship are lagging. What is our sector going to do?

And no, we don't accept conference registrations on a BNPL basis! 

Purple Blossom

4.40 pm | Close day 1

6.15 pm | Buses leave

Be at the "Suncorp Bus Stop" at 6.15 pm for your ride to the 'Under the Stars' Jan Pentland conference dinner at Pee Wees Buses or taxis leave from the front of the Hilton Doubletree. If you're driving, directions will be at the FCA stand.

Be on time to see the sunset glow at 6.30 pm and join us for drinks.

7.00 pm | Jan Pentland Dinner

The Jan Pentland dinner is full. If you can no longer go, tell FCA. 

Dress: Semi formal. Black like the sky, white like the moon, or sparkle like the stars ... or just dress to feel good.

There is an alternative dinner at Hunamuns, next door to at 7 pm. Register via FCA's website (limited seats)

Beach Banquet