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Cancelled: The Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees was holding its Indigenous Super Summit in Darwin the day after the conference. This Friday event is now cancelled.


This invitation-only, full-day event is a forum for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers and those working predominantly with Indigenous clients.

It was started by Jan Pentland to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander financial counsellors and money management workers in their roles. 


At the conference venue


9.00 am to 5.00  pm.

The forum is organised by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander steering group. The steering group sets the agenda and runs this great day.

What is the cost?

DSS generously provides some money to sponsor this day, so there is no charge to you - but let us know if you pull out (so we don't waste our precious funding).

ATSI Dinner cost

This year the dinner is on Thursday night, after the conference ends. The dinner costs $25, and is subsidised by Financial Counselling Australia. It's always a good night. Did someone say karaoke? You'll need to register for both the dinner AND the ATSI Forum.


** If you have a sponsored position, refer to your instructions from Lynda about where you should book. FCA has a block booking for sponsored delegates at the H-Mitchell hotel (next door to the Hilton DoubleTree)


See the 'your stay' page. 

Book early as the rooms nearby  and the best value rooms go quickly. If you book through Ozaccom, our booking agents, cancellations are easy until 7 days before the conference (as we all have to plan for flexibility in a covid world).

You need to select a 'cancellable booking'.

Who pays for flights?

ATSI Network members will need to book and pay for their own flights. There are maximum subsidy limits depending on where you are coming from, so book your flight early to get a good deal. Sponsored delegates will  be reimbursed after the FCA Conference. 

Please be mindful of costs when choosing your flight, so the pot of money covers the group.

Thanks for helping.

Tip: Book flights ASAP as each week that passes, they tend to get more expensive.

How do I get sponsorship?

There is sponsorship available for one member of the National ATSI Network per agency. The sponsorship assists with the travel and accommodation costs only. You pay for the conference yourself. Here is the application form, which also has details of eligibility.

You need to apply soon before all the funding is allocated.

There is no other FCA funding to attend the conference. We only get a limited amount of government funding for the ATSI forum. 

Who can come?

The forum is for: 

  • All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander financial counsellors/capability workers

  • Non-Indigenous financial counsellors and financial capability workers who work predominantly with Indigenous people and communities 

  • Those who are members of the National ATSI Network. 

We encourage all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander financial counsellors and capability workers to attend. 

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If you’re not eligible for sponsorship?

We hope your agency will pay for you to attend the conference. It's valuable for you to be there. We'll cover the ATSI Forum day (ie still free for you).

If you work in this space and want to be in the ATSI Network please have a chat to Lynda Edwards and introduce yourself. Call Lynda on 0447 776 418 or send her an email.

Know someone who should come, but isn’t in the ATSI Forum loop?

Please pass on this information and suggest they give Lynda a call on 0447 776 418. Over the years we’ve had some very grateful people join up, who until then had no connection or support from an ATSI network.

Can non-Indigenous workers come?

The forum is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander financial counsellors/ financial capability workers or financial counsellors/financial capability workers who work predominantly with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients. 

This workshop is not for people who'd like to know more about working with Indigenous clients, but are  not yet working mainly in this space. See the 'ATSI cultural awareness' concurrent workshop at the conference.


If this is you or you are uncertain about whether you are invited to attend please contact Lynda.