We begin day two with our popular SPOT talks and the topic 'why not?' From there, we turn to some of the practical aspects of financial counselling: how financial counselling is expanding beyond the office, how to make the most of new initiatives and what is happening in telecommunications. And we finish with two thought-provoking topics: the growing scourge of loneliness and words of wisdom from the amazing Rosie Batty.

7.00 am

Rise and Shine Yoga.

Corpse pose is first . . . lying on the mat. Yeah, you can do that. You'll start the day feeling great. (50 minutes).

9.00 am

FCA SPOT talks: Why not?

We typically ask why. But our seven SPOT talk speakers will be on the fake green grass carpet, in the spotlight, asking ‘why not?’ We live in a complex world that is changing rapidly. Come along for the ride as our seven SPOT talk speaker’s explore ‘why not?’

SPOT talks are always a conference highlight. 

10.15 am

Millennials, money and happiness


Millennials are the generation raised under the mantra 'follow your dreams' They are also the generation more likely to be in credit card delinquency, and who do not like to phone the National Debt Helpline. What do we need to do to reach this group more effectively?

10.30 am

Out of the Office: Financial Counselling on the road

Join us on a trip to places where few others tread, to see what financial counselling looks like on the roads less travelled. Who are these innovative folk who work in places that look nothing like our workplaces? From the red dust of the outback, through prisons to refuges and hospitals, what’s their creation story?

Tessa Boyd-Caine 

CEO Health Justice Australia

Tukie Balanzategui, Wayne Stephen, Bronny Higgs, Pearl Turner.

11.00 am | Morning Tea

Visit the Un-conference Cafe and the Exhibitor Zone. So much happening. And eat, greet and chat.

11.30 am

Telcos in the spotlight

Judi Jones
Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman


Una Lawrence

These days a telco plan can include your smartwatch, headphones, data, or even a drone. Bills can be huge. The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman has also been investigating systemic complaints in debt and sales practice. 

What’s on the TIO’s radar? What do you need to know about the newly revised and enforceable Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Industry Code?


What's new with affordable NBN and more.

12.00 noon

Tell me how

Our speakers have a clear brief: you’ve got five minutes to tell us how to do something really well. 

How to make the most of using the bank customer advocates?

Catherine Wolthuisen

NAB Customer Advocate

How to know if Way Forward (debt repayment service) is an option?

David Berry

CEO Way Forward

How to really make the Codes work for you?

Daniela Kirchlinde

Compliance Manager, Code Monitoring 

How to assist clients with national redress payments?


Peter Gartlan

How to … do lots of important new things that you need to help your clients.

12.30 pm | Lunch

1.30 pm

Concurrent Sessions

Lots of sessions to choose from.

3.00 pm | Afternoon Tea

3.30 pm

The Science of Loneliness

Dr Lidia Engel, Deakin University

The Australian Coalition to End Loneliness has a mission. They want to share what they've learnt because the impact of loneliness is huge. It hurts our physical health, mental health and  financial health. What can we do to assist the people we come across?

3.50 pm

In conversation with Rosie Batty: have we done enough? What else needs to happen?

Rosie Batty is returning to our conference stage as our final keynote speaker. Rosie was Australian of the Year in 2015, spoke at our Adelaide conference in 2016, and it’s safe to say that was the moment that our sector and our industry and government partners in the hardship space got it. We left with moist eyes, forever changed, tasked to do our bit, and do it well. We’ve all worked hard - every financial counsellor nationally received specialist family violence training; bank, energy companies, telcos and all the regulators and ombudsmen now have family violence guidelines, processes, or more. 


This 'on the couch' session hosted by Thriving Communities Partnership CEO, Ciara Sterling will have us leave the conference, reminded that our work matters, and what more we collectively and indiviudally need to do.

4.25 pm

Closing remarks

Carmel Franklin

Chair of FCA


Plus we’ll find out where we’re going in 2020. It’ll be an adventure.

4.30 pm | Close

4.45 pm to 6 pm | Wind-down drinks

Join us at the bar to wind-down  with some new and old friends.

If you're staying on for Friday training or the Stay Another Day program, tap someone on the shoulder to join you for dinner.  We'll provide a list of cool local restaurants within walking distance.