Financial Counselling Australia 2018 conference is being held at the Grand Chancellor Hotel in Hobart, Tasmania

Day 2


7.00 am | walking tour

If you have registered for the walking tour please meet Robyn and/or her expert guides outside the Henry Jones Art Hotel, 25 Hunter Street. The guides will be wearing bright blue shirts and holding bright blue folders with Hobart Walking Tours printed on them.

8.00 am | Registration

9.00 am | FCA Spot Talks: Truth or Dare

Inspired by the TEDx format, each of our speakers has been crafting their ideas worth sharing for many months.  We invited them to be brave and bold and to dare to tell the truth.

 Jonothan Brown, Gabi Byrne, Rob Kennaugh, Ray Kent, Lynda Edwards,  and Andrew Gason have taken the truth or dare challenge.


Elizabeth Davey

We can't explain this. You'll just need to see it yourself.

10.10 am | Applying behavioural science in a financial counselling context

Jim Curtis, BehaviourWorks Australia, Monash University

How can we use behavioural insights to encourage people in financial stress to seek (and implement) advice from a financial counsellor? This was the challenge we gave to Jim and his team of interdisciplinary researchers at Monash University. Now we get to hear what they discovered.


10.40 am | australia's New payment platform

Adrian Lovney, CEO, New Payments Platform Australia

The New Payments Platform (NPP) is upon us. The story of this new banking system, is that it will ‘bring benefits for all parties, with new products and innovation in payment services’. It will be fast, with the convenience of PayID,  so send and receive money using our phone numbers or  email addresses. There are new opportunities for fintechs and banks. But what does this all mean for our clients? Will they benefit? What do you need to know in this new Open Data space?

11.00 am   Morning tea

11.30 am | Evaluation as a Tool for Change

Facilitator: Vanessa Hood.

Vanessa is an evaluation consultant who has been assisting FCA in its “evaluative thinking” project.

How much did we do? How well did we do it? Is anyone better off?  These are the questions we commonly ask ourselves in evaluation. There’s a broader question however and that is whether evaluations themselves make any difference.

In this session we hear from two agencies where evaluation is at the heart of what they do.

Kim Brooklyn, Mark Glasson and Celia Dufall from the Financial Counselling Network in WA describe their model of delivering financial counselling through cross-organisational collaboration and discuss what the recent evaluation found in relation to outcomes for clients.

Garima Misra from The Salvation Army's research team explains their innovative approach to measuring the impact of financial counselling. The methodology is based on three founding principles - co-design with frontline staff, capturing holistic client outcomes and integration in ongoing service delivery.

12.00 pm | Short and sharp: Five minute updates from around the sector

  • Lump sum compensation payments
    (Karen Cox, Financial Rights Legal Centre)
  • Health justice partnerships
    (Stephanie Tonkin, Westjustic)
  • Applying for the DSP: Making the Process Fairer
    (Tom Cobban , Berrill & Watson)
  • Campaigning for Change
    (Consumer Action Law Centre)
  • ‘Codes of Practice: holding the financial industry to account’
    (Sally Davis, Code Compliance & Monitoring)
  • Dental smiles
    (Dr Angie Nillson, Australian Dental Association, Tas)

12.30 pm Lunch

1.30 pm | concurrent sessions

3.00 pm   Afternoon tea

3.30 pm | Law. Justice. Poverty. Art

Professor Desmond Manderson, Professor in Law and the Humanities, Australian National University

Law. Justice. Poverty. Art. You might ask - what do these have in common? Our special guest speaker, Professor Desmond Manderson specialises in making people think more deeply about the world. It should be a fascinating book end to two thought-provoking days

3.55 pm | Mind your mind, with mindfulness

Dr Craig Hassed, Monash University

At the end of the conference it’s ‘me time’. You see a lot in your work, so self-care is important. Learn the science of why your brain needs you to take care of it, and yourself. Dr Craig Hassed is an internationally recognised expert in mindfulness. Learn how to deal with vicarious stress and the benefits of managing stress, health and burnout.

4.20 pm | Epilogue

 Carmel Franklin, Chair of FCA

4.30 pm | Safe travels (Close)

Wind down drinks

The first drink is on FCA as we chill, chat and hang-out before heading for either the airport or for dinner if you’re staying on for post conference workshops, or lucky enough to be doing some travelling in Tasmania.