Financial Counselling Australia 2018 conference is being held at the Grand Chancellor Hotel in Hobart, Tasmania

Day 1


Master of Ceremonies: David Tennant, CEO, Shepparton Family Care

7.00 am | walking tour

If you have registered for the walking tour please meet Robyn and/or her expert guides outside the Henry Jones Art Hotel, 25 Hunter Street. The guides will be wearing bright blue shirts and holding bright blue folders with Hobart Walking Tours printed on them.

8.00 am | Registration

9.00 am Let’s start our story

  • Introduction and Welcome to “The Big Yarn” Stories that Stir” – David Tennant, Master of Ceremonies
  • Welcome to Country

We are meeting on the lands of the Mouheneenner
 (pronounced Moo-he-ne-nah) People.

 Their dreamtime stories tell of the creation of the land and everything in it.

  • Welcome to Conference – Carmel Franklin, Chair, FCA

9.30 am | keynote address: advance australia fair: how are we faring?

Dr John Falzon, CEO,St Vincent de Paul Society National Council of Australia and Kasy Chambers, Exec. Director Anglicare Australia

  • Our Australian anthem tells a story of a young, free nation advancing with courage and unity to ‘Advance Australia Fair’.  It’s a nation that prides itself on its sense of a fair go and opportunity for those who ‘toil with hearts and hands’.  But how are we doing? Are the rules fair? What can we do if they’re not?  We're starting the conference with big questions.

10.20 am |  Changing the Story - A Tale OF RESILIENCE, LOVE AND HUMOUR

Jessie Lloyd, Curator, The Mission Songs Project

Professor Robynne Quiggin, University of Technology Sydney

  • Professor Robynne Quiggin will launch FCA’s Reconciliation Action Plan. She will be joined in the launch by Lynda Edwards from FCA who chaired the RAP working group. Lynda is a Wangkumara woman from far west NSW
  • Sometimes the stories we hear of Indigenous Australia tell only of deficit and disadvantage. But there is a different narrative that is also true: stories of intergenerational resilience, with humour. Songstress Jessie Lloyd, has travelled round Australia song hunting and gathering. The Mission Songs Project is shaping indigenous and indeed Australian story telling.



11.00 am Morning tea

11.30 am | Rant and Rave

  • Got something really important to share?
  • Hear from the people who put up their hand when we called for submissions for this spot—they’ve got a minute each to rant or rave (or even both)

11.35 am | FCA – Stories to Share

  • What have been the important events for the financial counselling sector and what is coming up?
  • This session includes updates from FCA staff.

11.50 am   | Bankruptcy as an Option: What’s its impact?

Professor Ian Ramsay, Harold Ford Professor of Commercial Law, University of Melbourne

  • In ancient Greece, people who couldn't pay their debts were forced into debt slavery. In later centuries, we invented debtor’s prisons. We have moved a long way since then and the laws of insolvency continue to evolve.
  • Find out about mooted changes to bankruptcy and debt agreement laws. We also share the findings of research from Melbourne University into insolvency, including the perceptions of financial counsellors.

12.20  |   Rank the … Energy and Telecommunication Companies

Judi Jones, TIO Ombudsman, Teresa Corbin, ACCAN CEO

Speakers from EnergyAustralia, Origin and AGL

Once upon a time, energy was deregulated . . . Once upon a time, there was no such thing as a text message or the internet . . .

This session is a deep dive into the hardship practices in both the energy and telecommunications industry. In the telco space, there is a special focus on the NBN and what financial counsellors need to know.

1.00 pm Lunch

2.00 pm | concurrent sessions

3.30 pm   Afternoon tea

4.00 pm | Stirring the Pot: How Telling Our Stories Makes a Difference

Delia Rickard, Deputy chair ACCC  & Peter Kell, Deputy Chair, ASIC

  • Financial counselling has always worked within a social justice framework. We take the individual stories we see in our casework and place them in their broader social, political and economic contexts to achieve positive change.

In this panel session, we hear from the regulators about how we can continue to make a difference.

4.20 pm | Final keynote: Trust

The Hon. Anna Bligh AC, CEO, Australian Banking Association

  • Australia’s banks are backing the Royal Commission. Find out how the banks are responding and what they are doing to rebuild trust.

Anna Bligh had a long and distinguished career in politics including as the Premier of Queensland. She was most recently the CEO of YWCA NSW, an organisation assisting woman and children affected by domestic and family violence.

5.00 pm |  Close Day 1

7.00 pm    Jan Pentland Conference Dinner